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The wonderful feeling

I'm gonna tell you about a feeling that i never get tired off. Walking outside in the morning. Why in the morning? I will tell you! The temperature is perfect, but its mainly because there is barely any people outside. Today i walked in more than an hour and i saw three people. When you don't see any people outside you don't get the blackpill while seeing specific people. When you are alone in a whole neighbourhood you can keep on imagine and dreaming. The feeling is wonderful. It's feels like an utopia. Thats only the mental parts of doing it, it's physically good also. You will be able to concentrate better, your stomach will digest food better and your body will be happy because of the activity. If you don't do this regularly, then try it. Start doing it in the mornings. I can recommend it atleast before 6:30 am (ofc you can do it whenever you feel for it but this is the time i prefer) Maybe you will like it, maybe you will not.

For my english speaking readers

On this blog called "The Sweden Blog" i will frequently update on whats going on in Sweden. My own experiences and also news. The motive with this blog is to get non-swedish people to get a view and be aware off whats going on in Sweden.